Sunday, 25 Oct. 2015, San Antonio, FL


Well somewhere around midnight Jerry came down with symptoms that appeared to be caused by kidney infection or kidney stone.

We woke up the Captain and told him he was going to have to perform a Medevac. Being we were anchored just outside of Phil Foster Park we didn’t feel we needed to bother the Coast Guard to get a Helicopter. So we contacted a car rental place at West Palm International Airport and Captain Bob dingyed me to shore to meet a cab.

Upon my return I met Captain Bob and Jerry in the dinghy with ALL our stuff.

Then we loaded up the rental car and drove across the state to Florida Hospital in Zephyrhills beings we were only three hours away.   Lucky we did because they admitted him and we were home.

We were sorry we had to abandon Captain Bob for the last 52 miles, but we feel he was capable of driving the Miami Mermaid home.

We really enjoyed the trip. It was a unique experience and opportunity of a life time for both of us.

The good news is that the treatment for Jerry was successful and after a couple days he was released from the hospital.


One comment

  1. Tammy Gibson · October 27, 2015

    Sending prayers to Jerry! Hope he is feeling better. I loved following your adventure! Please give Jerry my best, hope to see the both of you soon! Tammy



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