Saturday, 24 Oct. Riviera Beach – West Palm Beach. , FL

It really got crowded today beings it was a beautiful Saturday traffic was heavy, we traveled 57 miles in 6.5 hours arriving at Singer Island for anchorage.

IMG_3103      IMG_3110

Rise to the morning sun and our first bridge.

IMG_3119      IMG_3120

Coast Guard ship anchored at Fort Pierce and another bridge.

IMG_3125      IMG_3126

Meeting a SMALL pusher tug and Betty being friendly as usual.

IMG_3137     IMG_3143

Passing St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant.

IMG_3153      IMG_3136

Power plant in the distance and another trawler.

IMG_3141        IMG_3154

The “Old Salt” looking ahead and our navigation equipment.

IMG_3162      IMG_3672

Jensen Beach Bridge with people loving to fish on a Saturday morning and sail boat races.

IMG_3178      IMG_3179

Passing a pusher tug.

IMG_3182       IMG_3189

Sewell Point Bridge and an inlet from the Atlantic Ocean.

IMG_3191       IMG_3193

Houses along Port Salerno.

IMG_3194      IMG_3197

Cross the St. Lucie River into the Manatee Pocket.

IMG_3203      IMG_3205

I guess this ditch cuts through St. Lucie State Park.

IMG_3210      IMG_3211 IMG_3214      IMG_3215

Traffic started picking up.

IMG_3224       IMG_3225

Passing through South Jupiter Narrows.

IMG_3226       IMG_3228

Entering Hobe Sound and a small work barge.

IMG_3230      IMG_3233 IMG_3235       IMG_3241

Looks like traffic is picking up and Captain Bob came to the flying bridge to offer advise.

IMG_3245      IMG_3249

Locals are making use of the shoal island in Jupiter Sound as the traffic FLYS by.

IMG_3253      IMG_3254

The jersey boys on the  “Sea Jeannie” plowed past us with no consideration of their wake, but we caught up and passed them at a draw bridge because they had to wait for it to open, we didn’t.  But guess what the jersey boys plowed pass us again in Lake Worth.

IMG_3255       IMG_3258IMG_3262       IMG_3264

Traffic on the water on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

IMG_3266      IMG_3267

These folks seem to take there party bar with them – kind of reminds me of “Little Big Town” singing “Pontoon.”

IMG_3273      IMG_3277

Jupiter Lighthouse.

IMG_3280      IMG_3281IMG_3288      IMG_3289

Loxahatchee River.

IMG_3292     IMG_3297

Traffic on Lake Worth Creek.

IMG_3303       IMG_3306 IMG_3332      IMG_3297IMG_3342      IMG_3348 IMG_3351      IMG_3350

Our final anchorage at Riviera Beach – West Palm Beach.


Doing our final chart plot and iPad route for tomorrow to Hollywood, FL.

IMG_3375     IMG_3378

Our final sun deck evening with our wine and books.




  1. Kay Scharber · October 25, 2015

    Looks like it was a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing!

    Kay Scharber

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Shannon Patterson · October 25, 2015

    You are almost there!! Looks like you had a lot going on today.


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