Friday, 23 Oct. Garfield Point, FL

We traveled on the Indian River 81 miles in 9 hours to arrive at an island for anchorage between Vero Beach and Fort Pierce, FL

IMG_2998      IMG_2999

Leaving Titusville Municipal Marina.

IMG_3002      IMG_3003

NASA building on the left and Titusville on the right. This is where we stood on the banks of the Indian River in Titusville to watch “Atlantis” lift off.  This was the Last space shuttle launch on 10 July 2011.

IMG_3005      IMG_3006 IMG_3021      IMG_3024 IMG_3034      IMG_3036 IMG_3041     IMG_3043 IMG_3046     IMG_3048 IMG_3667     IMG_3054

Scenes while transiting the Indian River south bound.

IMG_3055     IMG_3061

The trawler “Shady Lady” apologized for passing us AGAIN.  He said we must have had a long day yesterday to get back ahead of him.

IMG_3065     IMG_3067

Again today went from hot blazing sunshine to fast moving rain showers.

IMG_3068     IMG_3670

We passed this blue sail boat in South Carolina when we were idling through the flooded area.  Betty hailed him and asked him where are you headed?  He said “SOUTH“.  We passed him just after we came out of the Haulover Canal yesterday afternoon.  Guess what we passed him today on the Indian River, it appeared he was still anchored from the night.

IMG_3071 IMG_3074      IMG_3075 IMG_3076     IMG_3081     IMG_3089

Captain Bob had me adjusting his satellite TV antenna so he could watch the “Walton’s”  while we did our blog.

IMG_3091       IMG_3086

We anchored off this island in Avalon Beach State Park.  Then, a glass of wine and a cold beer to watch the sun light up the sky and drop behind the western horizon.  A wonderful ravioli dinner prepared by “cabin boy Bob”.

IMG_3090       IMG_3093

IMG_3094        IMG_3099

Each evening we prepare a route for the next morning deciding if we need to stop for fuel, water & groceries or if there is a port we want to go ashore or just find a secluded anchorage and just relax.  Our aids are Skipper Bob Anchorages Along the Intracoastal Waterway has been a necessity to find the anchorage and Waterway Guide is great to see what is available in each port.  Jerry charts this on the NOAA Navigation Charts for the Intracoastal Waterway.

IMG_3101     IMG_3102

Betty is the techy in the group and does her charting on Captain Bob’s iPad using the Navionics APP.  This continuously shows a lot of informational time and distances from point-to-point along the route.


Of course, Jerry likes to use the Garmin GPS navigation mounted at the helm, which I too have to fall back on when Captain Bob STEALS back his iPad to pay his bills, etc.



  1. Kay Scharber · October 24, 2015

    Looks like you’re getting close!

    Kay Scharber

    Sent from my iPad



    • bjsanann · October 24, 2015

      We are enjoying your comments. Today & tomorrow & the cruise will be done. Wow what a life time experience.


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