Thursday, 22 Oct. Titusville, FL

Traveled a lot today 10 hours and 86 miles arriving in Titusville, FL at 5pm.

IMG_2702     IMG_2706

Captain Bob got up and weighed anchor early and got under way at 7:19am to get an early start.  Because we were planning on a long trip today.  After breakfast we relieved Captain Bob of the helm to be greeted with these early morning photos.

IMG_2703     IMG_2704

Looks like were headed for a pot of gold.

IMG_2709     IMG_2713

Little bit over cast today just kept dodging all the really bad showers, but actually the showers dodged us because our route was pretty confined.  Where have all the boats gone?

IMG_3657     IMG_2723

Dolphins at play while passing Palm Coast.

IMG_2729     IMG_2731

ICW shore line on Smith Creek.

IMG_2732     IMG_3660

Knox Bridge on the Halifax River opened so we could pass and a Bald eagle keeping watch.

IMG_2738      IMG_2741

Being passed along the Halifax River.

IMG_2744      IMG_2748

Tug moored to private home on the Halifax River.

IMG_2761      IMG_2766 IMG_2775      IMG_2786 IMG_2791      IMG_2797IMG_2804      IMG_2806 IMG_2813      IMG_2816

Bridges and scenes going through the Dayton Beach area.

IMG_3661     IMG_3662

Ocean inlet and then the Ponce de Leon lighthouse.

IMG_2845      IMG_2852 IMG_2857      IMG_2861

New Smyrna Beach Marina.  It looks like these three pontoon boats are headed out to party.

IMG_3659      IMG_2869

A whole bunch of Pelican on an island.  Head boat “Past Time Princess”.

IMG_2876       IMG_3658

Man and his dog north bound on Indian River.

IMG_3663     IMG_2892

Sea turtle surfaced as we passed by.

IMG_2899      IMG_2907 IMG_2909      IMG_2935 IMG_2937     IMG_2938

Picture looking north and south on the Mosquito Lagoon. The west bank is marsh and the east is separate from the Atlantic by a narrow barrier island. Other than the channel the lagoon is only 4-5 feet deep and it took us an hour and twenty minutes to transit it.

IMG_2952      IMG_2957

The Haulover Canal and bridge leading into the Indian River to Titusville.

IMG_2968      IMG_2976  IMG_2977      IMG_2978 IMG_2979      IMG_2985

We moored at the Titusville Municipal Marina for the evening.  After fueling and taking on water Captain Bob departed on a grocery run.  Jerry & I met a number of local and transit boaters in the marina lounge over cold drinks. We then used the marina facilities to take Hollywood showers and catch up on our laundry.

IMG_2988     IMG_2991IMG_2994      IMG_2995

Upon returning to the Mermaid Captain Bob was watching Congress question Hillary Clinton on TV while fixing a delicious late evening shrimp dinner.


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