Wednesday, 21 Oct., Fort Matanzas, FL

We traveled 76 miles in 8.5 hours arriving in Fort Matanzas, FL

IMG_2503      IMG_2504

While weighing anchorage this morning we cut the tow line to the dingy and it was drifting into the mooring field filled with sailboats.  Captain Bob maneuvered the Mermaid while we captured the dingy with the boat hook.  Retrieved and reconnected the tow line and we were off.  (Sorry no pictures we were all busy.)

IMG_2510      IMG_2516

First set of bridges for the day.

IMG_2524      IMG_2531

Beautiful house and the other picture with the white dots are actually white pelicans that have migrated south for the winter.

IMG_2538      IMG_2539

It appears that it is necessary to have a REALLY long dock to get to the water.

IMG_2560      IMG_2564

This is coming into the St. John’s River between Mayport and Jacksonville.

IMG_2570      IMG_2578

Atlantic Marine Shipyard on the St. John’s River.

IMG_2597      IMG_2603 IMG_2607       IMG_2617IMG_2622      IMG_2629

Scenes along the ICW.

IMG_2637      IMG_2640IMG_2642      IMG_2643

Ran into a little rainy weather this afternoon.  This was really a relief due to the fact that the early afternoon was a hot blazing sun.

IMG_2644       IMG_2654IMG_2663      IMG_3655

Crossing under the “Bridge of Lions” in St. Augustine and there beautiful lighthouse.

IMG_2670      IMG_2675

Crescent Beach Bridge and scenes along the way.

IMG_3609      IMG_2585

Our captain —- is this trust or what.

IMG_2592     IMG_2680IMG_2681      IMG_2682

Coming into our anchorage for the evening at Fort Matanzas.

IMG_2692     IMG_2687

Fort Matanzas

IMG_2696      IMG_2697

Early dinner of baked cod fish with dirty rice with vegetables.  Rainbow at dinner .

IMG_2698        IMG_2699

Fort Matanzas State Park Ferry Landing and cocktail on deck after.  Looks like we have approximately 277 miles yet to go.



  1. Shannon Patterson · October 22, 2015

    I think the captain knows his boat is in good hands!!


  2. Muldoooooon · October 22, 2015

    1st Mate sleeping on watch, but OK cause 3rd Mate has the Helm & ALL’s WELL!!!! (Just like old days)
    Nice pics Betty, especially dinner and cocktail hour 🍹🍸👍🏻😁


  3. Brenda · October 23, 2015

    Definitely in good hands, I agree. Great pictures. Is this the longest you have ever been on a boat Betty? Love the picture of you with your book and glass of wine!! Looks like you are taking it all in. Love you


    • bjsanann · October 23, 2015

      Yes Sis this is the longest I have ever been on A boat in comparison to Jerry’s 10 years on a ship. We are taking advantage of every opportunity that is presented


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