Tuesday, 20 Oct., Fernandina Beach

Traveled 37 miles in 5 hours arriving in Fernandina Beach at 1:30pm and had a wonderful time exploring.

IMG_2266     IMG_2271

Rise and shine at Brunswick Landing Marina – no poop sucking for me this time.

IMG_2262     IMG_2265

Captain Bob trying to figure out where to put the fuel.  We loaded 200 gallons of diesel at $1.89 per gallon.  Great price as most of the marina’s we passed we in the high two’s to mid three’s.  Captain Bob was ecstatic.

IMG_2270     IMG_2269

Betty takes on water then plots the course on the iPad for todays adventure.

IMG_2287     IMG_2290IMG_2288    IMG_2295IMG_2298      IMG_2311

Departing Brunswick via the Brunswick River.

IMG_2335      IMG_2336

Coming out of Jekyll River getting ready to cross the big open St. Andrew Sound.

IMG_2339      IMG_2344

Wind picked up and the seas went form 3 to 5 feet with Betty at the helm and then….

IMG_2340      IMG_2342

We informed Captain Bob he needs a better storage plan for his salon.

IMG_2358      IMG_2361

We passed the trawler “Connecting the Dots” and then were relieved for lunch.

IMG_2369      IMG_3648

While eating lunch we sailed past the active Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base.  Security seemed pretty tight and noticed a couple Coast Guard vessels moored there.  Note  the submarine moored there.

IMG_2381      IMG_3649

Zoe” this dolphin picture is for you.  We actually have seen quite a few along the way.

IMG_2390     IMG_2416

Coming into Fernandina Beach.

IMG_2420    IMG_2440

Our personalized Yeti mugs, where ice never melts.

IMG_2433      IMG_2435

New and old ways to determine the water depth under the hull.  (Electronic depth finder verse the lead line.)  Jerry’s lead line seems to be the only one that works beings Captain Bob’s depth finder is still in the box.

IMG_2441      IMG_2442

Liberty launch headed into Fernandina Beach. T-hank God for the “Ding-A-Ling”.

IMG_2446      IMG_2450

IMG_2453      IMG_2455

Florida’s oldest tavern “Palace Saloon” we started with whiskey sours at 1443 hours in the afternoon.

IMG_3631      IMG_2459

Captain Bob asked a perfect stranger if he knows how to hot wire this car. (1960 vet)  The master fudge maker at “Fantastic Fudge”.

IMG_2463     IMG_2464 IMG_2468    IMG_2449

Jerry discussing the up coming trolley ride with “David Levy Yulee” (earley settler, US Senator, developer, and Rail Road builder.)

Boarded the white trolley for an Historical tour.

IMG_2469       IMG_2480      IMG_2487 IMG_3633      IMG_3641 IMG_3643      IMG_3647     IMG_2496

Got back downtown and found Captain Bob with his friends.  Then ditched him and out to dinner and drinks.




  1. Kay Scharber · October 21, 2015

    What do you mean “the ice never melts???” How is your brother supposed to make a living ??? Lol

    Looks like a blast…safe travels!

    Kay Scharber

    Sent from my iPad



  2. bjsanann · October 21, 2015

    When I read this to Jerry this afternoon we both laughed until we almost cried.


  3. Brenda · October 22, 2015

    Love the Dolphins, the vintage car and conversation with the “old guy” aka statue. Looks like you all are definitely enjoying your trip! Love you


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