Monday, 19 Oct. Brunswick, GA

)On the way at 8am and went until 6pm covering 70 miles in 10 hours arriving at Brunswick Land Marina in Georgia.

IMG_2185     IMG_2207 IMG_2200     IMG_2189

Birds were in abundance today from pelicans to sea gulls.

IMG_2219      IMG_2220

Trawlers passing us on Front River of the ICW.

IMG_2223      IMG_2225

Beautiful island on Front River and the “Sea Wagon” passing us.

IMG_2228      IMG_2236

Looks like another trawler caught Captain Bob while we were eating lunch in the salon.

IMG_2247      IMG_2250

Dead center in the Mouth of Brunswick River opening to the ocean with high winds and three foot seas we developed an electrical problem and had to call TowBoat US.

IMG_2251      IMG_2253 IMG_3613    IMG_3621

Meeting a large RoRo Vessel (car carrier) in the Brunswick River.

IMG_2254     IMG_2258 IMG_2256     IMG_2259

Scenes on the way to Brunswick Land Marina.

IMG_2260     IMG_2261

Captain Bob assisted Jerry (retired Coast Guard engineer-once a snipe always a snipe) with the electrical repairs.  Test ran engine, satisfactory.  Then spent the rest of the evening doing laundry at the marina, then ZZZZZZzzzzz.


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