Sunday, 18 Oct. 2015 Sunbury, GA

Traveled 52 miles on the ICW, turned off at mile 620 proceeded 8 miles across the St, Catherine Sound and up the Medway River to Sunbury Crab Co.  The Waterway Guide said this is “Key West just a whole lot closer”.

IMG_2056      IMG_2057

Departed Cooper Creek anchorage back on the ICW headed south.

IMG_2062      IMG_2064

Container ship going down Savannah River, glad it passed before we crossed,  note how the cold 51* wind is blowing the grass.

IMG_2066     IMG_2068     

Crossing the Savannah River.

IMG_2072       IMG_2076

Along the ICW.

IMG_2077     IMG_2084

Two more bridges.

IMG_2089     IMG_2095 IMG_2100      IMG_2103

A Savannah Marina wow!

IMG_2106      IMG_2107 IMG_2110      IMG_2112IMG_2116      IMG_2119

Miles of open flats then marina’s filled with boats.

IMG_2120      IMG_2124

Bridge inspection or repair.

IMG_2125      IMG_2126

Pastrami sandwich for lunch, by our ever creative Captain (or cabin boy Bob).

IMG_2129      IMG_2130

A little chillier today on these big bays.

IMG_2132      IMG_2133

Crossing St. Catherine’s Sound with a view of the Atlantic Ocean off the bow.

IMG_2135     IMG_2136

Sail boat coming and going.

IMG_2138      IMG_2140

Medway River note the demise of this vessel……guess that Skipper should have attended Captain Bob’s Trawler School.

IMG_2144      IMG_2145

Pulling up to Sunbury Crab Co. Marina and Restaurant.


Putting out the anchor snubber before liberty is granted.

IMG_2149      IMG_2154

Boiled crabs, shrimp and whiskey sours makes a good mix for a wonderful evening.

IMG_2157      IMG_2161

Captain and his first mate.

IMG_2163      IMG_2165

“This place is funky, ecclectric and fun.”

IMG_2167      IMG_2169IMG_2173      IMG_2174

Heading back to the “Miami Mermaid” for the evening.


First mate redoing the hook for the “Ding-A-Ling”.  One more chore before we can rest.


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