Saturday, 17 Oct. 2015 Cooper River Anchorage, SC

We spent the morning touring Beaufort while Captain Bob went to resupply groceries and hardware items.  Thus, we traveled only 32.5 miles today in 4 hours. It  looks like we have 500 + miles to go.

IMG_1875    IMG_1896

A beautiful SUNRISE from our stateroom window in the stern of the trawler.  Then, back ashore in Beaufort.

IMG_1886     IMG_1878

Captain Bob treated us to breakfast at Blackstone’s Café.  Last night we were told that this was a fabulous restaurant for breakfast.  But as we walked up Bay Street we could not remember the name of the restaurant and this nice lady asked us if we were lost (I guess we looked lost).  We told her we were looking for Shrimp and Grits.  She laughed and said up one block and to the left.

IMG_1881      IMG_1882

Best shrimp and grits we have EVER had, and the owners and waitress truly showed “Southern Hospitality”

IMG_1883      IMG_1884

This restaurant was filled with posters and pictures of movies and movie stars that filmed in Beaufort.

IMG_1887    IMG_1888IMG_3601      IMG_1894

We visited an old church and cemetery. We saw Captain Bob over at an old grave and look what he dug up.

IMG_1898      IMG_1905

IMG_1909      IMG_1910

IMG_1912      IMG_1913

IMG_1916      IMG_1921

We did a walking tour back through the Historical District.

IMG_1926      IMG_1931

We visited several shops and art galleries on Bay street and loved meeting the shop owners and artist.  We probably spent as much time talking to them as shopping.

IMG_1932      IMG_1933

Betty was blown away by the number of infused olive oils and vinegars at the “Olive the Above”.  The shop owner spent a lot of time with me discussing and letting us taste the different oils and vinegars.

IMG_1936      IMG_1940

Waiting on Captain Bob with our shopping treasures and there he is with his.  But the good thing is we can eat and drink his.

IMG_1941       IMG_1952

Headed back to the Mermaid.

IMG_1956      IMG_1954

12:40pm departing Beaufort and here comes our first bridge.

IMG_1958      IMG_1959

Our “Lost Cajuns” are passing us AGAIN and guess what now their VHF radios are not working also.

IMG_1964      IMG_1965

Passing Parris Island – US Marine Corps recruit training base. That’s where Captain Bob spent his early days in the Marine Corps.

IMG_1968      IMG_1969

Installing the new snubber lines.

IMG_1975      IMG_1976

Shrimp boat working in the bay and the little trawler that we seem to pass us daily.

IMG_1983     IMG_3595

The Miami Mermaid’s Salon and a late lunch of pizza.

IMG_1987       IMG_1995

Our 2nd bridge and the famous Hilton Head, SC.

IMG_2001      IMG_2003

IMG_2013      IMG_2019

The Port Royal Lighthouse.

IMG_2021      IMG_2026

Passing construction barges on our way to anchorage.  Jerry is replacing the tow hook for the dingy.

IMG_2030     IMG_2044

Relaxing with Wilma at anchor.

IMG_2035       IMG_2047

Sunset on Cooper River out in the middle of no mans land.  Note the lights from Savannah over the dingy in the sunset picture.

IMG_2055       IMG_3599

Blue dot is where we are anchored off the Jack Rowe Island a 65 acre private island.


Ended the day with wine and a grilled salmon dinner prepared by our GOURMET  CHEF “Captain Bob.”


One comment

  1. Shannon Patterson · October 18, 2015

    Beaufort looks beautiful. No wonder so many movies were filmed there.


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