Sunday, 25 Oct. 2015, San Antonio, FL


Well somewhere around midnight Jerry came down with symptoms that appeared to be caused by kidney infection or kidney stone.

We woke up the Captain and told him he was going to have to perform a Medevac. Being we were anchored just outside of Phil Foster Park we didn’t feel we needed to bother the Coast Guard to get a Helicopter. So we contacted a car rental place at West Palm International Airport and Captain Bob dingyed me to shore to meet a cab.

Upon my return I met Captain Bob and Jerry in the dinghy with ALL our stuff.

Then we loaded up the rental car and drove across the state to Florida Hospital in Zephyrhills beings we were only three hours away.   Lucky we did because they admitted him and we were home.

We were sorry we had to abandon Captain Bob for the last 52 miles, but we feel he was capable of driving the Miami Mermaid home.

We really enjoyed the trip. It was a unique experience and opportunity of a life time for both of us.

The good news is that the treatment for Jerry was successful and after a couple days he was released from the hospital.


Saturday, 24 Oct. Riviera Beach – West Palm Beach. , FL

It really got crowded today beings it was a beautiful Saturday traffic was heavy, we traveled 57 miles in 6.5 hours arriving at Singer Island for anchorage.

IMG_3103      IMG_3110

Rise to the morning sun and our first bridge.

IMG_3119      IMG_3120

Coast Guard ship anchored at Fort Pierce and another bridge.

IMG_3125      IMG_3126

Meeting a SMALL pusher tug and Betty being friendly as usual.

IMG_3137     IMG_3143

Passing St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant.

IMG_3153      IMG_3136

Power plant in the distance and another trawler.

IMG_3141        IMG_3154

The “Old Salt” looking ahead and our navigation equipment.

IMG_3162      IMG_3672

Jensen Beach Bridge with people loving to fish on a Saturday morning and sail boat races.

IMG_3178      IMG_3179

Passing a pusher tug.

IMG_3182       IMG_3189

Sewell Point Bridge and an inlet from the Atlantic Ocean.

IMG_3191       IMG_3193

Houses along Port Salerno.

IMG_3194      IMG_3197

Cross the St. Lucie River into the Manatee Pocket.

IMG_3203      IMG_3205

I guess this ditch cuts through St. Lucie State Park.

IMG_3210      IMG_3211 IMG_3214      IMG_3215

Traffic started picking up.

IMG_3224       IMG_3225

Passing through South Jupiter Narrows.

IMG_3226       IMG_3228

Entering Hobe Sound and a small work barge.

IMG_3230      IMG_3233 IMG_3235       IMG_3241

Looks like traffic is picking up and Captain Bob came to the flying bridge to offer advise.

IMG_3245      IMG_3249

Locals are making use of the shoal island in Jupiter Sound as the traffic FLYS by.

IMG_3253      IMG_3254

The jersey boys on the  “Sea Jeannie” plowed past us with no consideration of their wake, but we caught up and passed them at a draw bridge because they had to wait for it to open, we didn’t.  But guess what the jersey boys plowed pass us again in Lake Worth.

IMG_3255       IMG_3258IMG_3262       IMG_3264

Traffic on the water on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

IMG_3266      IMG_3267

These folks seem to take there party bar with them – kind of reminds me of “Little Big Town” singing “Pontoon.”

IMG_3273      IMG_3277

Jupiter Lighthouse.

IMG_3280      IMG_3281IMG_3288      IMG_3289

Loxahatchee River.

IMG_3292     IMG_3297

Traffic on Lake Worth Creek.

IMG_3303       IMG_3306 IMG_3332      IMG_3297IMG_3342      IMG_3348 IMG_3351      IMG_3350

Our final anchorage at Riviera Beach – West Palm Beach.


Doing our final chart plot and iPad route for tomorrow to Hollywood, FL.

IMG_3375     IMG_3378

Our final sun deck evening with our wine and books.


Friday, 23 Oct. Garfield Point, FL

We traveled on the Indian River 81 miles in 9 hours to arrive at an island for anchorage between Vero Beach and Fort Pierce, FL

IMG_2998      IMG_2999

Leaving Titusville Municipal Marina.

IMG_3002      IMG_3003

NASA building on the left and Titusville on the right. This is where we stood on the banks of the Indian River in Titusville to watch “Atlantis” lift off.  This was the Last space shuttle launch on 10 July 2011.

IMG_3005      IMG_3006 IMG_3021      IMG_3024 IMG_3034      IMG_3036 IMG_3041     IMG_3043 IMG_3046     IMG_3048 IMG_3667     IMG_3054

Scenes while transiting the Indian River south bound.

IMG_3055     IMG_3061

The trawler “Shady Lady” apologized for passing us AGAIN.  He said we must have had a long day yesterday to get back ahead of him.

IMG_3065     IMG_3067

Again today went from hot blazing sunshine to fast moving rain showers.

IMG_3068     IMG_3670

We passed this blue sail boat in South Carolina when we were idling through the flooded area.  Betty hailed him and asked him where are you headed?  He said “SOUTH“.  We passed him just after we came out of the Haulover Canal yesterday afternoon.  Guess what we passed him today on the Indian River, it appeared he was still anchored from the night.

IMG_3071 IMG_3074      IMG_3075 IMG_3076     IMG_3081     IMG_3089

Captain Bob had me adjusting his satellite TV antenna so he could watch the “Walton’s”  while we did our blog.

IMG_3091       IMG_3086

We anchored off this island in Avalon Beach State Park.  Then, a glass of wine and a cold beer to watch the sun light up the sky and drop behind the western horizon.  A wonderful ravioli dinner prepared by “cabin boy Bob”.

IMG_3090       IMG_3093

IMG_3094        IMG_3099

Each evening we prepare a route for the next morning deciding if we need to stop for fuel, water & groceries or if there is a port we want to go ashore or just find a secluded anchorage and just relax.  Our aids are Skipper Bob Anchorages Along the Intracoastal Waterway has been a necessity to find the anchorage and Waterway Guide is great to see what is available in each port.  Jerry charts this on the NOAA Navigation Charts for the Intracoastal Waterway.

IMG_3101     IMG_3102

Betty is the techy in the group and does her charting on Captain Bob’s iPad using the Navionics APP.  This continuously shows a lot of informational time and distances from point-to-point along the route.


Of course, Jerry likes to use the Garmin GPS navigation mounted at the helm, which I too have to fall back on when Captain Bob STEALS back his iPad to pay his bills, etc.

Thursday, 22 Oct. Titusville, FL

Traveled a lot today 10 hours and 86 miles arriving in Titusville, FL at 5pm.

IMG_2702     IMG_2706

Captain Bob got up and weighed anchor early and got under way at 7:19am to get an early start.  Because we were planning on a long trip today.  After breakfast we relieved Captain Bob of the helm to be greeted with these early morning photos.

IMG_2703     IMG_2704

Looks like were headed for a pot of gold.

IMG_2709     IMG_2713

Little bit over cast today just kept dodging all the really bad showers, but actually the showers dodged us because our route was pretty confined.  Where have all the boats gone?

IMG_3657     IMG_2723

Dolphins at play while passing Palm Coast.

IMG_2729     IMG_2731

ICW shore line on Smith Creek.

IMG_2732     IMG_3660

Knox Bridge on the Halifax River opened so we could pass and a Bald eagle keeping watch.

IMG_2738      IMG_2741

Being passed along the Halifax River.

IMG_2744      IMG_2748

Tug moored to private home on the Halifax River.

IMG_2761      IMG_2766 IMG_2775      IMG_2786 IMG_2791      IMG_2797IMG_2804      IMG_2806 IMG_2813      IMG_2816

Bridges and scenes going through the Dayton Beach area.

IMG_3661     IMG_3662

Ocean inlet and then the Ponce de Leon lighthouse.

IMG_2845      IMG_2852 IMG_2857      IMG_2861

New Smyrna Beach Marina.  It looks like these three pontoon boats are headed out to party.

IMG_3659      IMG_2869

A whole bunch of Pelican on an island.  Head boat “Past Time Princess”.

IMG_2876       IMG_3658

Man and his dog north bound on Indian River.

IMG_3663     IMG_2892

Sea turtle surfaced as we passed by.

IMG_2899      IMG_2907 IMG_2909      IMG_2935 IMG_2937     IMG_2938

Picture looking north and south on the Mosquito Lagoon. The west bank is marsh and the east is separate from the Atlantic by a narrow barrier island. Other than the channel the lagoon is only 4-5 feet deep and it took us an hour and twenty minutes to transit it.

IMG_2952      IMG_2957

The Haulover Canal and bridge leading into the Indian River to Titusville.

IMG_2968      IMG_2976  IMG_2977      IMG_2978 IMG_2979      IMG_2985

We moored at the Titusville Municipal Marina for the evening.  After fueling and taking on water Captain Bob departed on a grocery run.  Jerry & I met a number of local and transit boaters in the marina lounge over cold drinks. We then used the marina facilities to take Hollywood showers and catch up on our laundry.

IMG_2988     IMG_2991IMG_2994      IMG_2995

Upon returning to the Mermaid Captain Bob was watching Congress question Hillary Clinton on TV while fixing a delicious late evening shrimp dinner.

Wednesday, 21 Oct., Fort Matanzas, FL

We traveled 76 miles in 8.5 hours arriving in Fort Matanzas, FL

IMG_2503      IMG_2504

While weighing anchorage this morning we cut the tow line to the dingy and it was drifting into the mooring field filled with sailboats.  Captain Bob maneuvered the Mermaid while we captured the dingy with the boat hook.  Retrieved and reconnected the tow line and we were off.  (Sorry no pictures we were all busy.)

IMG_2510      IMG_2516

First set of bridges for the day.

IMG_2524      IMG_2531

Beautiful house and the other picture with the white dots are actually white pelicans that have migrated south for the winter.

IMG_2538      IMG_2539

It appears that it is necessary to have a REALLY long dock to get to the water.

IMG_2560      IMG_2564

This is coming into the St. John’s River between Mayport and Jacksonville.

IMG_2570      IMG_2578

Atlantic Marine Shipyard on the St. John’s River.

IMG_2597      IMG_2603 IMG_2607       IMG_2617IMG_2622      IMG_2629

Scenes along the ICW.

IMG_2637      IMG_2640IMG_2642      IMG_2643

Ran into a little rainy weather this afternoon.  This was really a relief due to the fact that the early afternoon was a hot blazing sun.

IMG_2644       IMG_2654IMG_2663      IMG_3655

Crossing under the “Bridge of Lions” in St. Augustine and there beautiful lighthouse.

IMG_2670      IMG_2675

Crescent Beach Bridge and scenes along the way.

IMG_3609      IMG_2585

Our captain —- is this trust or what.

IMG_2592     IMG_2680IMG_2681      IMG_2682

Coming into our anchorage for the evening at Fort Matanzas.

IMG_2692     IMG_2687

Fort Matanzas

IMG_2696      IMG_2697

Early dinner of baked cod fish with dirty rice with vegetables.  Rainbow at dinner .

IMG_2698        IMG_2699

Fort Matanzas State Park Ferry Landing and cocktail on deck after.  Looks like we have approximately 277 miles yet to go.

Tuesday, 20 Oct., Fernandina Beach

Traveled 37 miles in 5 hours arriving in Fernandina Beach at 1:30pm and had a wonderful time exploring.

IMG_2266     IMG_2271

Rise and shine at Brunswick Landing Marina – no poop sucking for me this time.

IMG_2262     IMG_2265

Captain Bob trying to figure out where to put the fuel.  We loaded 200 gallons of diesel at $1.89 per gallon.  Great price as most of the marina’s we passed we in the high two’s to mid three’s.  Captain Bob was ecstatic.

IMG_2270     IMG_2269

Betty takes on water then plots the course on the iPad for todays adventure.

IMG_2287     IMG_2290IMG_2288    IMG_2295IMG_2298      IMG_2311

Departing Brunswick via the Brunswick River.

IMG_2335      IMG_2336

Coming out of Jekyll River getting ready to cross the big open St. Andrew Sound.

IMG_2339      IMG_2344

Wind picked up and the seas went form 3 to 5 feet with Betty at the helm and then….

IMG_2340      IMG_2342

We informed Captain Bob he needs a better storage plan for his salon.

IMG_2358      IMG_2361

We passed the trawler “Connecting the Dots” and then were relieved for lunch.

IMG_2369      IMG_3648

While eating lunch we sailed past the active Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base.  Security seemed pretty tight and noticed a couple Coast Guard vessels moored there.  Note  the submarine moored there.

IMG_2381      IMG_3649

Zoe” this dolphin picture is for you.  We actually have seen quite a few along the way.

IMG_2390     IMG_2416

Coming into Fernandina Beach.

IMG_2420    IMG_2440

Our personalized Yeti mugs, where ice never melts.

IMG_2433      IMG_2435

New and old ways to determine the water depth under the hull.  (Electronic depth finder verse the lead line.)  Jerry’s lead line seems to be the only one that works beings Captain Bob’s depth finder is still in the box.

IMG_2441      IMG_2442

Liberty launch headed into Fernandina Beach. T-hank God for the “Ding-A-Ling”.

IMG_2446      IMG_2450

IMG_2453      IMG_2455

Florida’s oldest tavern “Palace Saloon” we started with whiskey sours at 1443 hours in the afternoon.

IMG_3631      IMG_2459

Captain Bob asked a perfect stranger if he knows how to hot wire this car. (1960 vet)  The master fudge maker at “Fantastic Fudge”.

IMG_2463     IMG_2464 IMG_2468    IMG_2449

Jerry discussing the up coming trolley ride with “David Levy Yulee” (earley settler, US Senator, developer, and Rail Road builder.)

Boarded the white trolley for an Historical tour.

IMG_2469       IMG_2480      IMG_2487 IMG_3633      IMG_3641 IMG_3643      IMG_3647     IMG_2496

Got back downtown and found Captain Bob with his friends.  Then ditched him and out to dinner and drinks.


Monday, 19 Oct. Brunswick, GA

)On the way at 8am and went until 6pm covering 70 miles in 10 hours arriving at Brunswick Land Marina in Georgia.

IMG_2185     IMG_2207 IMG_2200     IMG_2189

Birds were in abundance today from pelicans to sea gulls.

IMG_2219      IMG_2220

Trawlers passing us on Front River of the ICW.

IMG_2223      IMG_2225

Beautiful island on Front River and the “Sea Wagon” passing us.

IMG_2228      IMG_2236

Looks like another trawler caught Captain Bob while we were eating lunch in the salon.

IMG_2247      IMG_2250

Dead center in the Mouth of Brunswick River opening to the ocean with high winds and three foot seas we developed an electrical problem and had to call TowBoat US.

IMG_2251      IMG_2253 IMG_3613    IMG_3621

Meeting a large RoRo Vessel (car carrier) in the Brunswick River.

IMG_2254     IMG_2258 IMG_2256     IMG_2259

Scenes on the way to Brunswick Land Marina.

IMG_2260     IMG_2261

Captain Bob assisted Jerry (retired Coast Guard engineer-once a snipe always a snipe) with the electrical repairs.  Test ran engine, satisfactory.  Then spent the rest of the evening doing laundry at the marina, then ZZZZZZzzzzz.

Sunday, 18 Oct. 2015 Sunbury, GA

Traveled 52 miles on the ICW, turned off at mile 620 proceeded 8 miles across the St, Catherine Sound and up the Medway River to Sunbury Crab Co.  The Waterway Guide said this is “Key West just a whole lot closer”.

IMG_2056      IMG_2057

Departed Cooper Creek anchorage back on the ICW headed south.

IMG_2062      IMG_2064

Container ship going down Savannah River, glad it passed before we crossed,  note how the cold 51* wind is blowing the grass.

IMG_2066     IMG_2068     

Crossing the Savannah River.

IMG_2072       IMG_2076

Along the ICW.

IMG_2077     IMG_2084

Two more bridges.

IMG_2089     IMG_2095 IMG_2100      IMG_2103

A Savannah Marina wow!

IMG_2106      IMG_2107 IMG_2110      IMG_2112IMG_2116      IMG_2119

Miles of open flats then marina’s filled with boats.

IMG_2120      IMG_2124

Bridge inspection or repair.

IMG_2125      IMG_2126

Pastrami sandwich for lunch, by our ever creative Captain (or cabin boy Bob).

IMG_2129      IMG_2130

A little chillier today on these big bays.

IMG_2132      IMG_2133

Crossing St. Catherine’s Sound with a view of the Atlantic Ocean off the bow.

IMG_2135     IMG_2136

Sail boat coming and going.

IMG_2138      IMG_2140

Medway River note the demise of this vessel……guess that Skipper should have attended Captain Bob’s Trawler School.

IMG_2144      IMG_2145

Pulling up to Sunbury Crab Co. Marina and Restaurant.


Putting out the anchor snubber before liberty is granted.

IMG_2149      IMG_2154

Boiled crabs, shrimp and whiskey sours makes a good mix for a wonderful evening.

IMG_2157      IMG_2161

Captain and his first mate.

IMG_2163      IMG_2165

“This place is funky, ecclectric and fun.”

IMG_2167      IMG_2169IMG_2173      IMG_2174

Heading back to the “Miami Mermaid” for the evening.


First mate redoing the hook for the “Ding-A-Ling”.  One more chore before we can rest.

Saturday, 17 Oct. 2015 Cooper River Anchorage, SC

We spent the morning touring Beaufort while Captain Bob went to resupply groceries and hardware items.  Thus, we traveled only 32.5 miles today in 4 hours. It  looks like we have 500 + miles to go.

IMG_1875    IMG_1896

A beautiful SUNRISE from our stateroom window in the stern of the trawler.  Then, back ashore in Beaufort.

IMG_1886     IMG_1878

Captain Bob treated us to breakfast at Blackstone’s Café.  Last night we were told that this was a fabulous restaurant for breakfast.  But as we walked up Bay Street we could not remember the name of the restaurant and this nice lady asked us if we were lost (I guess we looked lost).  We told her we were looking for Shrimp and Grits.  She laughed and said up one block and to the left.

IMG_1881      IMG_1882

Best shrimp and grits we have EVER had, and the owners and waitress truly showed “Southern Hospitality”

IMG_1883      IMG_1884

This restaurant was filled with posters and pictures of movies and movie stars that filmed in Beaufort.

IMG_1887    IMG_1888IMG_3601      IMG_1894

We visited an old church and cemetery. We saw Captain Bob over at an old grave and look what he dug up.

IMG_1898      IMG_1905

IMG_1909      IMG_1910

IMG_1912      IMG_1913

IMG_1916      IMG_1921

We did a walking tour back through the Historical District.

IMG_1926      IMG_1931

We visited several shops and art galleries on Bay street and loved meeting the shop owners and artist.  We probably spent as much time talking to them as shopping.

IMG_1932      IMG_1933

Betty was blown away by the number of infused olive oils and vinegars at the “Olive the Above”.  The shop owner spent a lot of time with me discussing and letting us taste the different oils and vinegars.

IMG_1936      IMG_1940

Waiting on Captain Bob with our shopping treasures and there he is with his.  But the good thing is we can eat and drink his.

IMG_1941       IMG_1952

Headed back to the Mermaid.

IMG_1956      IMG_1954

12:40pm departing Beaufort and here comes our first bridge.

IMG_1958      IMG_1959

Our “Lost Cajuns” are passing us AGAIN and guess what now their VHF radios are not working also.

IMG_1964      IMG_1965

Passing Parris Island – US Marine Corps recruit training base. That’s where Captain Bob spent his early days in the Marine Corps.

IMG_1968      IMG_1969

Installing the new snubber lines.

IMG_1975      IMG_1976

Shrimp boat working in the bay and the little trawler that we seem to pass us daily.

IMG_1983     IMG_3595

The Miami Mermaid’s Salon and a late lunch of pizza.

IMG_1987       IMG_1995

Our 2nd bridge and the famous Hilton Head, SC.

IMG_2001      IMG_2003

IMG_2013      IMG_2019

The Port Royal Lighthouse.

IMG_2021      IMG_2026

Passing construction barges on our way to anchorage.  Jerry is replacing the tow hook for the dingy.

IMG_2030     IMG_2044

Relaxing with Wilma at anchor.

IMG_2035       IMG_2047

Sunset on Cooper River out in the middle of no mans land.  Note the lights from Savannah over the dingy in the sunset picture.

IMG_2055       IMG_3599

Blue dot is where we are anchored off the Jack Rowe Island a 65 acre private island.


Ended the day with wine and a grilled salmon dinner prepared by our GOURMET  CHEF “Captain Bob.”

Friday, 16 Oct. Beauford, SC

We had a beautiful trip to Beaufort, SC traveling 52 miles in 8.5 hours.

IMG_1756    IMG_1761

Getting coffee and breakfast in the galley and the start of another cool calm day.

IMG_1763      IMG_1765

Captain Bob was up earlier than normal, weighed anchor and got underway while we ate breakfast.  Thus, we relieved HIM of the helm.

IMG_1767      IMG_1768

Head-to-head passing the pusher tug “Sun Chief”.

IMG_1773    IMG_1787

Scenes of the ICW.

IMG_1781      IMG_1782

Small shipyard, it appears to be two river barges on dock – or being constructed.

IMG_1783      IMG_1784

Seems to be a busy little port.

IMG_1795      IMG_1801

The first of  two bridges and both with plenty of clearance.

IMG_1802      IMG_1803

Catching up and passing the “Sun Merchant” pushing a LARGE tank barge (Not really large to Jerry but it sure was while I had  the helm).  We were maybe only a knot faster than them.  Jerry said don’t pull in front of them until I had plenty of clearance, because if our engine quits they will squash us like a bug.  (no brakes!!!!!!!!!!)

IMG_1813      IMG_1819

Going under the Beaufort, SC swing bridge.  A patriotic sail boat in the anchorage.

IMG_1823      IMG_1826

The “Sun Merchant” and tank barge finally caught up with us.  Betty checking out the anchor.

IMG_1829     IMG_3555

Captain’s with a cold beer after a hard day.  Betty scoping out city map of Beaufort, SC

.IMG_1831  IMG_3556

Start of our historical tour of Beaufort.

IMG_1839      IMG_1842IMG_1849      IMG_1850

Beaufort’s Historic district.

IMG_1860      IMG_1861

Captain Bob thought this would look good on the bow of the “Miami Mermaid”.  Betty in downtown Beaufort.

IMG_1862     IMG_1864

A toast to our cruise over hot steaks at Luther’s on the River Walk.

IMG_1865      IMG_1867

IMG_1868     IMG_1872IMG_3561 IMG_3564 IMG_3565

Scenes from the River Walk as the sun sets on another day – by the way where did we tie up the “Ding-A-Ling”????